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Pre Appointment Review – May 2011 – 11 Weeks with BioMedicine

Our third Biomed appointment is tomorrow so I thought I’d do a  post before each one on where our son is at.  It will be a good way not only to consolidate my thoughts before the appointment but also review progress made between appointments.

Before our first appointment our son had issues with focus, constipation, fussy eating (taste and texture), speech, eyecontact, excema, low muscle tone and odd limb positioning, looking out the sides of his eyes, short term memory, responsiveness and bed wetting to name things off the top of my head. There were probably other things too that I can’t remember now. Our first appointment was on the 8th of March 2011.

Up until the second appointment we only went dairy free and supplemented with Cod Liver Oil, zinc and Sacro B probiotic and Epsom salt baths.  Most supplements are practitioner prescription ones as they are pure and not combined with other things.

Between the first and second appointments he made great advancements.  He became regular in his bowel movements and his diet has improved in both volume and variety. He became more responsive and chatty, seemed to move more fluidly and is more switched on. The only negative that we have had is his eczema has broken out.

ETA that one of the little things that I never expected was that he also stopped biting his fingernails.  He had been biting them right down to the skin but now I am having to cut them.

After the second appointment on the 19th of April 2011, we swapped the Epsom salt baths for a magnesium supplement as our Dr thought that it may be the sulfur in the Epsom Salts that was bringing out the excema – of course just after I’d bought a 25kg bag of salts. Due to our son deciding not to substitute rice milk into his diet and limited diet, we also decided to add a calcium supplement.  Until we had some blood tests to test for his levels, our Dr decided to leave everything else alone.

We went gluten free as soon as he’d had the Celiac blood test  which was on the 28th April, 2011.  In going gluten free I’ve decided to avoid but not eliminate soy.  Corn is also difficult to avoid as its one of the main gluten free replacements.

The change in our son between these appointments has not been as dramatic as between the first two appointments but there have certainly been advances.  He will now spontaneously tell us things that happen at Kinder such as “Hamish was the Hairy Hat man today” ( H is the letter of the week). His memory seems to be getting better although it may just be his ability to express it.  This week he came out with a whole stream of sentences which covered the letters A-H and how they had learnt them at kinder over the past 10 weeks.  “A is Annie Apple, B is…” Also although still not great, his pencil grip is getting slightly better.  Unfortunately the eczema has not resolved by removing the baths.  I’m wondering if it could be the sulfur in the zinc sulfate.

A down side to bringing him out of his ‘fog’ is that he is often more interested in everything going on around him than the task at hand.  When a friend saw him after going dairy free, she said he looked as if he was seeing the world for the first time. He is also having difficulty sitting still and straight but I’m unsure if this is a biomedical or a chiropractic adjustment issue as its been almost 4 weeks since his last adjustment,

Our third appointment is tomorrow.   We will have been supplementing and dairy free for 11 weeks and gluten free for 4 weeks.  Areas I that I feel need attention are his attention span and task focus, speech (receptive and expressive), fine motor strength – after all he is great at using Lego but the pencil grip is hard for him, his tendency to loll and lay about and the excema flare up. Bed wetting is still and issue too. I don’t know if its related but he is also much harder to get into bed at night as he seems to be finding it hard to switch off.

I just asked him what he wanted the doctor to help him with tomorrow and he replied “To get the foggies out.  There is one foggy left” .  Its so wonderful that not only are we seeing the changes but he is feeling them too.

*Although I mention our supplementation and diet here, we are doing this under medical supervision, which I would encourage you to do also if you wish to follow this type of regime*


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