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Well Hello Again

If you are one of my old friends, you will have known I’ve tried blogging before.  But that was blogging for the sake of blogging.  I never had a purpose in blogging before but now I do.  I’m blogging to document our family life as we’ve had some dramatic changes recently.

At the beginning of the year my husband had an atrial fibrulation.  This gave him (and me) quite a scare and under doctors orders he has cut out all caffeine from his diet.  This is a man who used to drink 6 or more coffees a day and then a couple of iced coffees on top of that.

Next our eldest son was diagnosed with autism on his 5th birthday.  After some corrections to inaccuracies in the report and a review of his case, the diagnosis was later withdrawn.  What ever diagnosis was or was not, it didn’t change the fact that he wasn’t functioning at the same level as his peer group.  We knew he was intelligent (afterall he taught himself to read at the age of 3) but he has a language delay and always seemed lost in his own world.  He also had chronic constipation and a limited diet.  Now that he didn’t have a ASD diagnosis also meant that he didn’t qualify for funding for extra early intervention.  The biggest struggle I had with all of the healthcare professionals that we had seen was that none offered any hope that he would one day be just like his peers.

One day, when surfing the net for something completely unrelated, I came across .  The blurb from their site was like a breath of fresh air for us:

“Bio-Balance Health’s primary aim is to make available in Australia information on the use of a comprehensive biochemical assessment and advanced complementary nutritional treatment of a range of disorders such as behavioural disorders, ADD, ADHD, learning disorders and Autism as well as mental disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression.”

We had previously tried going gluten free as a paediatrician had told us that some believed it clogged up the brain.  We also tried lactose free to try and combat his excema.  Mulitvitamins to counteract his poor diet. We did all of these things off our own bat and with no real plan or knowledge of why these things might help him.  But at least we felt like we were doing something.

I used BioBalance’s “Find a Practitioner” and found two local practitioners, which amazed me as we live in a rural area.  I chose one and she was able to see our son within a month.  Our first appointment with her on the 8th of March 2011 and frankly I was blown away. Through a family history, our sons medical history, a few seemingly left of field questions (do I get a white out when someone takes a photo of me with a flash, problems with night vision or see sparkle offshoots in headlights when driving at night) and an examination she has suggested that he may have conditions/deficiencies which stop messages crossing his hypothalamus and also block his opiate receptors open so essentially he is stoned all the time. When she said this, it clicked. That is exactly what he is like. He always seems like he is in a fog. One of the main things he seems to be getting a buzz from (and hence why he loves it so much) is dairy. So that is gone from his diet. All dairy not just lactose.  In the literature she gave me it also says to cut out all chocolate flavours, cocoa, cola, green cordial (as it has cola in it) and beef and gelatine as sensitivity to dairy can also mean sensitivity to these aswell. She tests sensitivity by testing with as little as 1ml of dairy, this is how strict we need to try and be with his diet.

Gluten is also to be removed from his diet after a blood test for coeliac disease.  Some children are also sensitive to the protein in soy and corn in the same way.  I often said that he was a ‘milk junkie’ or ‘pasta junkie’ or ‘rice junkie’ and essentially he is.  These foods are like a drug to him so its the foods that he loves so much that we will need to remove from his diet.

Next is the G protein defect which affects the neural pathways across the hypothalamus. It means messages go in but then get blocked crossing the brain while its being processed and turned into speech. Its indicated by large pupils incomaprison to family, bowel problems, light/dark sensitivity and the looking out he corners of the eyes and a family history of auto immune disease ( I have psoriatic arthritis). This is treated with vitamin A in cod liver oil. It can also be triggered by candida protein.  Other symptoms our son has also point to possible candida in his gut. So we are starting probiotics for this. She also wants to ensure his neurotransmitters are working correctly so is supplementing with zinc and B6 and B12.

I mentioned bed wetting to the Dr who said that was a sign of magnesium deficiency.  Half a cup of Epsom Salts(magnesium sulfate)  in his bath every 2nd day was the prescription.  We’ve since switched to an oral magnesium supplement as the sulfur in the Epsom Salts was causing eczema.

Within days we could see a difference in him.  He was no longer constipated. The range and quantity of food he is eating has increased dramatically. He was switched on.  Responsive. Inquisitive. Imaginative.  Chatty. Able to focus and concentrate. He sings to himself all the time.  He is even backchatting us and giving us the exasperated  ‘just a minute’ when we ask him to do things.  Our boy was coming out of the fog.

When someone questioned the financial cost, I put it in Mastercard terms.

Doctors consultation – $100

Supplements – $150

A conversation with my son – priceless

I was so impressed with the progress our boy had made where other health professionals had given no hope, that I booked myself in with the Dr.  I have been off of arthritis medication for 18 months while trying to conceive.  We did conceive but lost our baby at 11 weeks gestation in mid 2010.  Ever since my cycles had been extremely out of kilter.  The only options I was getting from traditional healthcarers was chemicals or surgery. Neither of these would be addressing the underlying issue though.  Our Biomed doctor prescribed a dairy free and gluten free diet aswell along with supplements.

Now we are 2 months into our biomedicine journey. All cooking I do now is gluten and dairy free even though my husband and younger son are have not been prescribed a gluten free dairy free (GFDF) diet. They are only having dairy in cheese or whole milk and gluten if they buy a bun or cake from the shops.

Wow, that was long.  If you are still reading – thankyou.

Now here comes the the payoff for reading all of that. I hope to use this blog to track our adventures and trials in the new world of GFDF  (and later probably soy, corn and rice free) cooking as well as tracking my sons progress and snippets of  our family life.  If I can help others on their own DF/ GF or GFDF diet or encourage someone to look into biomedicine for their own health if they aren’t happy with the traditional healthcare they are recieving, I will be very happy.

And I promise that my posts from now on will not be as long as this one!



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