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Moving Goal Posts

Well not moving goal posts as the goal is always the same – to make our son healthy.  Its more that the rules of the game have changed.

I had been thinking that I’d finally gotten my head around the GFDFCFSF diet and we had started reducing fructose after reading the book Sweet Poison.  My husband is now fructose free and I’m almost fructose free – its harder when already dairy free which my husband is not. He has lost about 8kg in a month with this small change.

So when our Biomed doctor said that she thought our son had candida in his gut, going fructose free wasn’t that daunting.  Then I realised that an anti candida diet is much more than just fructose free.  This is when I thought my head was going to explode.

All the basics I had come to rely on were to be removed -rice, rice flour, rice milk, rice puffs, potato, potato starch, dextrose, raw cane sugar, honey, let alone his apples and bananas.   Add to that that he isn’t allowed to take nuts to Kinder due to a child with anaphylaxis in his class, so that rules out another food category for baking treats.  Not that we have many treats at all but I like to have something that he can have when birthday treats are taken to Kinder. Fortunately he does like savoury over sweet most times anyway. After some more research, I believe brown rice is ok as it actually helps detoxify and remove the dying candida from the system.

Today I am much more at peace with it. He loves chicknuts (roasted chickpeas), so I am going to work from there and next year his school allows nuts so YAY! Even if rice and its derivatives isn’t OK, we can go over to nutmilks, coconut flour and nut flours.  I’m unsure about quinoa and other seeds as yet.

Breakfast stumped me for a while until I remembered he loves bacon.  I got him to eat some omlette today too, so I think cooked breakfasts are going to be the go.  The only thing I’m sad about is that getting his own breakfast of cereal has been his big independence leap. I can see lunches being sausages and salads and then back to the classic meat and vege dinners of our parents generation.

We will get there.


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B12 shots – Not so scary after all! Ok, maybe a little bit

We have started the next stage in our protocols – B12 injections.  Most use methyl B12, but the organic acid urine test (OAT) returned markers which pointed to s-adenysol B12 being the better option for our son.

B12 is not a cure all.  Dr James Neubrander pioneered this therapy and describes its effects below:

 It is important to understand that the effects of Methyl-B12 are due to what Methyl-B12 allows to happen in the brain and not because it “makes speech”, “makes awareness”, or “makes socialization”. If I put earmuffs and a blindfold on you and drop you by parachute deep into the heart of Africa, once you land and are found by the natives, you will not understand the language. If you continue to wear the earmuffs and blindfold, because you cannot lip-read or hear the language being spoken, you will remain in the dark. However, once your remove the earmuffs and blindfold, though you still do not know the language, you will now have the same advantage every other baby born into their society has. You will have the opportunity to begin to lip-read. You will have the opportunity to hear the language spoken. You will have theopportunity to first understand receptive language. And eventually your tribesmen will have the opportunity to hear you express yourself to them! Removing the earmuffs and blindfold did not increase your intelligence nor did it add any new brain cells. What it did was now allow your brain to begin to absorb information, store information, utilize information, process information, and respond appropriately to the situations at hand.

So it is with children taking Methyl-B12; they seem to blossom over time. Everything kicks in and starts working; therapists are amazed!….. What has happened is Methyl-B12 has taken off the earmuffs and blindfold that have been blocking the children’s brains from utilizing the neurons and brain cells that were already in place but that were just waiting for the right circumstances to occur. The addition of Methyl-B12 allows the conditions to be right! However, Methyl-B12 is not what does it, is not what makes the child learn, is not what brings the child back. Instead, it is ABA, OT, PT, speech therapy, and all the other forms of therapy that finalizes the deal and gives the child back to his parents and to the world. However, without Methyl-B12 leveling the playing field, children on the spectrum would never be able to realize the advantage that unaffected children enjoy in a learning environment! And so it is – Methyl-B12 the gloves , therapies the hands!


I was really confident in administering these shots.  Although I’d never given shots before, I was always the one to take our kids for vaccines (when they were getting them), blood tests and even circumcision.

They are injected every 3 days, subcutaneously in the bottom.  On Thursday night , the 14th July 2011, we waited until our son was asleep then applied Emla (anaesthetic) cream.  After 30-45 minutes, we went in to do the injection.  I suppose the first sign it wasn’t going to work was that I couldn’t identify exactly where I’d put the cream.  The piece of plastic bag I’d put put over the site had come off and probably half the cream too. I got the needle in but our son cried out so he obviously felt it.  I pulled the needle out before injecting even though it was only a tiny amount of solution.  Then as my husband picked him up to move him to his bed (he loves to go to sleep in Mummy and Daddy’s bed) , I thought I’d try again.  As soon as the needle touched his skin he cried out again, then when my husband pulled his sheet up on him, he flinched and cried out “No, No!”  As one of the parents says on Dr Neubranders site says ” No child should have monsters in the night”, so we decided we had to do it when he was awake.

The next day (Friday the 15th July 2011) we told our son that there was a new medicine that we had to put on in this cream and piece of plastic.  We applied the cream and a dot of marker pen to remind us where the cream was. One hour and lots of reminders for him not to rub it later, we told him we that we just had to take the plastic off.  Again he bent over my husbands knee, the same as he did to apply the cream.  I had the syringe uncapped and at room temperature so as I removed the plastic covering the cream, I quickly injected the s-adenysol B12.  The actual volume of the shot is 0.044mL so its only a tiny amount so it can be injected quickly.  It was done and he didn’t feel it. YAY!  We also didn’t feel like we were being dishonest to him either by doing things to him in his sleep.

We didn’t get pink wees the next day, so I must have injected at a shallow enough angle too.

We have done 5 injections now.  The emla cream still stings him and I’m considering doing it without the cream as he complains of the stinging for about 5 minutes. If I just did the injection then it may still sting but it would be all over and done with.

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Yay for the little things

After 4 months on the Biomed journey, one of the recent changes has been changes in tastes.

At first our son refused to replace dairy with rice milk, but when on holidays he had some rice milk made into a hot chocolate.  I started to make my own drinking chocolate mix which is equal parts pure cocoa powder and icing sugar. Then one day about 2 weeks ago he asked for a bowl of rice bubbles (I get pure rice puff from a wholefoods store) with rice milk.  Since then they are the default answer for “I’m hungry”.  He is also drinking rice milk by the glassful.  By using the rice milk with 300mg of calcium per 250mL, this means that if I track how much rice milk he has during the day, I don’t need to supplement as much calcium for him in his evening meds.

Spring onion dip used to be a favourite around these parts until going dairy free.  Our son loves dips so I tried to introduce hommus but he wasnt’ a fan.  Salsa was ok but not a huge hit.  Yesterday for some reason I bought a tub of hommus dip – and he ate almost the whole 200gm tub!  Today I thought I’d push my luck with eggplant dip and he is currently ploughing through that. I think I need to buy more rice crackers (we find Sakata plain ones good but some kids do react to them)

When I was looking for the eggplant dip today, I found a range of suitable dips by Yumi Seafoods. I can see us working our way through their range. Even their creamy ones are gluten and dairy free mayonnaise based. I must check what type of oil they are using in their mayo first to make sure its not soy or corn oil. I am presuming that its canola  as that is what is used in their mayonnaise but that is one thing I’ve learnt – presume nothing.

Another improvement that has come along without us specifically addressing them is nail biting.  our son was getting bad at nail biting, often biting his nails until they bled.  I tried the yucky nail polish but that didn’t work.  About 3 weeks after starting biomed I noticed his nails had grown long and I actually needed to  cut them! I hadn’t cut his nails for about 2 years but now I need to cut them every week or so.

Hair washing used to be a real trauma.  The thought of getting bubbles in his eyes prevented me from shampooing his hair for a couple of years.  We relied on plain water washing his hair in the shower.  I must admit that plain water did do an alright job but sometimes it did need something a bit more to remove the build up of  skin and oil on his scalp.  It wasn’t long after starting biomed that I was suddenly able to wash his hair.  We get him to hold a flannel over his eyes just in case but at least now its easy.

One thing that I’m sure will have improved is his reaction to swimming. He loves the idea of it but I think its a combination of putting his head in the water and the sensation of semi weightlessness that holds him back.  I can’t wait for warmer weather to get back to the pool.

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Some detective work required

We had a wonderful (but exhausting) holiday and are now trying to relax a little before the routine of school starts again next week.

Whilst on holidays we started a new supplement of Carnitine and CoQ10.  We have to build up to 4 capsules a day – 2 each morning and afternoon. The first day we introduced it, I tried mixing it into a chocolate crackle but it tasted terrible.  The compound tastes very tart like Vitamin C. The next day I mixed with his other supplements, which get mixed with a little apple juice, which gets taken after dinner, just before bed.  For some reason, he really didn’t want to take it but I convinced him to.  As soon as he swallowed the last mouthful, up it all came again, a long with everything he had eaten for the day.  We thought he mustn’t have been feeling well as he didn’t want to take any supplements. After a shower, new pj’s and new bedding, he slept the night through with no more worries.  The next morning when he woke, his eyes looked like this:

The force of vomiting must have burst tiny capillaries around his eyes. They took about 2 days to clear.

Seeing as we needed to build up to morning and night, I gave the next few doses in the morning mixed with a little orange juice.  We found putting it onto a spoon and spooning it straight into the back of his mouth the best way.  He had no more reactions to it so I introduced it at night time aswell.  I mixed it separately but gave it to him at the same time as his other supplements, after dinner.  A few hours later, he vomited in his sleep.  We put it down to increasing the dosage so we dropped the dosage back down to 1 per day on and empty stomach.

We didn’t put together what was really happening for a few more days.  One night we were going our for dinner, I decided to give him all his supplements before we went out so I didn’t have to worry about giving them once we got home. At the same time that I was giving the carnitine/CoQ10, I gave the other supplements.  An hour or so later, he vomited again whilst playing.  It was then that it clicked.  He was only ever sick with it when he had it in combination with other supplements.  I don’t know which ones are interacting but something obviously is.

We are still to build up the dosage but at least we know now that it needs to be given separately to all other supplements.

There may be a bit of a flurry of posts this week.  Whilst on holidays I had time to think about what I want to write and I know I’ve missed  pre and post appointment blogs for last month.  We have our next appointment next week too!

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Cupcake by Jillian Nicole via Flickr

They look innocent don’t they?

Yesterday our son was accidentally given one of the birthday treats brought in to his Kinder.  He has substitute treats in the pantry at Kinder for him to have on days like today, but he was accidentally served up a cupcake.

I suppose it had to happen one day but it is still disappointing.  We put in all this hard work only to have the rug pulled from underneath us by someone else’s mistake.  Our son is usually very good and will ask if something is safe for him, but today he didn’t and ate it all by the time they realised their mistake.

He hasn’t reacted too badly fortunately. He is puffy around his eyes, sing song-y in his self entertainment when bored at the doctors and less responsive when we speak to him.  He was still able to take me through the whole “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story that he laid out around our house. It was lovely to see things that he is doing at Kinder sinking in and him being able to process it and retell it in his own way complete with 3 different sized bowls on the table and 3 different sized chairs.

We had a doctors appointment today which as always was very enlightening.  Hopefully I’ll be back with a pre appointment and post appointment updates before we go on holidays on Friday.

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The Role of Traditional Diets in Healing.

Have you ever found yourself thinking about something and wondered how you got there? Well that is what its like on the internet for me nowdays.  i find myself on a page, not knowing how I arrived there as I have leapfrogged from one site to another.  Its sort of like taking a walk in the bush – around this tree, over that log, around that rock… then suddenly you come across something wonderful.
This is one of those wonderful things.  It is an article I found on Nourishing Hope.  It is a great introduction to the biomedical approach which can be applied to many chronic conditions.

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Always learning

Bah – I new I wouldnt’ be good at blogging!  I have to apologise for the lack of photos. I know they make a blog much more interesting to read.  Plain text is not very interesting to read, but I appreciate you sticking with me whilst I organise myself.

Life has been a bit hectic around here between sickness and getting ready for a trip away to my brothers wedding in less than 2 weeks.

On the weekend I attended a lecture given by two very well respected doctors on the field of bio medicine.  I’m still trying to absorb the information presented and when I do I will do summary on here.  One thing that was mentioned and I’ve been doing some googling on since the lecture was removing all grains from the diet – not just gluten containing grains and corn but ALL grains. This along with the mantra’s of “Heal the gut, heal the child” and Hippocarates, “All disease begins in the gut”, really drove home to me the importance of my job of feeding my family.

At first I thought, ‘how can you do that and still have a diet resembling something normal?’. With a little googling and a phone call to my mum, I have what sounds like a yummy fig and honey muffins and a grain free baking book in my cart. I’ll be trialling this recipe today with a bit of a twist. Cross your fingers for a success. I’d recently also heard of crumbing fish in almond meal which was apparently very yummy, so I’ll try some nut crusted nuggets today too.

I haven’t discussed going grain free with our doctor as yet, even though she was also at the lecture. It does seem to take some confusion out of the gluten free baking maze though as removes some of the gluten free options.  I found myself getting paralyzed by all the options and baking mix recipes I’d found.  To go grain free and remove sorghum and rice from the options, actually makes it easier in my opinion. It basically leaves nut flours,bean flours, quinoa flour, potato and tapioca starches.  I still have some sorghum and rice flour here so I will use that up whilst I get myself organised for grain free and going away. We visit our doctor again a few days after we are back from our holiday so I will discuss  a completely grain free diet with her before going hard core. The only issue I see with using so many nuts though is that our son has a bowel reaction to nuts so they need to be soaked and dehydrated first to kill the enzymes causing this reaction, then ground into a flour or meal. Just another layer of complexity to deal with but it will be worth it – I know it will.



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Post appointment Summary – May 2011

Sorry, I should have done this a week ago.

Our Dr had the results of the barrage of blood tests we had done.  Some of the results they returned included confirming the thoughts of low vitamin A and zinc, high copper and a double blockage at the MeTHFR position on his methylation cycle (once I get my head around it, I will do a post about this to explain to both of us) .  Celiac disease was also  ruled out.  Our doctor was surprised that he had vitamin D levels within the normal range.  I’m sure there were more but I can’t think of them right now.

Once we had reviewed these blood tests we moved onto the areas that I felt needed help.  Fortunately, I’d thought about this in advance and made a list to take with me.  The areas that I had written downs were;

  • bedwetting,
  • not going to bed until late ( just wanting to go go go and not wind down),
  • eczema flare up badly around the backs of knees, elbows and neck,
  • task focussing (Kinder mentioned that its difficult to get him to stay focussed on a task such as cutting out)
  • pencil grip (although he can manipulate lego with quite a lot of ease),
  • lolling, leaning and laying about ( he is always leaning on things and prefers to lay on the floor than sit. As a baby when asleep we called him our ‘floppy baby’.  Now I think about it maybe this is also tied into his not sitting, crawling an walking until much later than most babies at -I think- 9,11 and 13 months respectively)
  • speech (much improved already but a long way to go)
I do love how our Dr conducts our appointments by writing down notes as we speak and then copies them so we each have a copy.  This makes it so much easier to review the notes later.  So how are we addressing each of these issues?
One of the first things is to remove soy and corn from his diet in addition to gluten and dairy. As he also seems to have an issue with the digestion of nuts (a few seems to be ok but lots will cause diarrhoea).  This may all be linked to sensitivity to oxylates, which is something to investigate later on.
So going in the same order as above;
  • bedwetting – magnesium brought up to 400mg per day
  • not going to bed until late – increase Cod Liver Oil to 6mL per day
  • eczema flare up – change zinc sulfate supplement to  picolinate  as a compounded 1/2 strength primer which also contains vitamin B6 and P5P
  • task focussing – add the amino acid Tyrosine 500mg per day
That leave the last 3 areas
  • pencil grip
  • lolling, leaning and laying about
  • speech
As our son has a double blockage at MeTHFR, the usual protocol is to supplement with methyl B12 injections. This will help his speech and pencil grip as (I believe) it helps regenerate the nerves. There has been research though that in some patients, methyl folate has a better result. The absence or presence of chemical markers in a urine test will show the best supplement to use.  This organic acid profile will also show any markers which may also point to problems with mitochondrial function. Its the mitochondrial function which is behind fine motor skills and energy levels.  The mitochondrial are the power stations of the body within each cell. Additionally it will show markers indicating gut bacteria which has an impact on cognition.  Expensive little test at $Au400 but very much worth it.
Once his vitamin A levels improve, there is also Bethanacol which also acts on the speech pathways with some kids going from low language to speaking in sentences in an hour.  It just goes to show that its not lack of ability or intelligence in many kids but just lack of the complete bio chemical pathways.
So right now we have implemented the changes as noted above and are waiting on these results and hoping they are back before our next appointment.  As our son hasn’t replaced milk with another calcium drink, we have also supplemented in calcium at 600mg per day.
I really want to move onto the methyl b12/folate supplementation as from what I read, this is the thing that really makes a huge difference.
We have already seen changes in the last week and a half.  His eczema is clearing, his speech is better.  He is able to express his thoughts.  He is coming out with multiple sentences up to 10 words long.  He has come such a long way in such a short time.  4 months ago, we were lucky to get a disjointed 6 word sentence in reply to a leading question.  That was the best language he could express.  Now you can hear his thoughts coming out.  The night before last I was sitting in bed with him and using our new netbook.  He looked at me and said “We have 4 computers”, in a tone that really expressed that he had been thinking about it. He is expressing observation, feelings, putting concepts together. I wonder if his speech therapist will notice any difference at our next appointment on Friday. Its just so encouraging so see how far he has come already and how much potential is just under the surface but needing the right help to get it out.
So in summary, our current protocol is;
  • gluten,dairy, soy,corn free
  • CLO 6mL/day
  • Ca 600mg/day
  • Probiotic (SacroB) 1/day
  • Magnesium gycinate 400mg/day
  • 1/2 strength primer 1/day
  • tyrosine 500mg/day
CLO in medicine cup
Probiotic, magnesium, primer in apple juice
Calcium as a soft chewable capsule
Tyrosine mixed into margarine on a rice cake.  I do want to find a better ‘treat’ to mix this into such as coconut ice.
Once again, this is a medical protocol prescribed for our sons specific medical condition.  This is not generic advice and should not be taken as medical advice.  Please consult your doctor or go to the Interesting Links page to find a Bio Medicine practitioner.

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The Cleanout

These are the bags of food I passed on to my friend when I cleared all gluten and dairy out of my pantry.

More than 5 shopping bags full.Lots of things you don’t think of such as lolly pops which are made with wheat glucose. My friend loved it as she didn’t have to do groceries that week!  I, on the other hand, spent double our regular shopping budget that week.

Ok, daily keeping track of our meals is not working so I think I’ll do it each week in retrospect.

In the last week our meals have been:

  • Sausages and vegetables (peas, corn and potato) or salad ( lettuce, tomato, beetroot, cucumber, pickled onion) x 3 times
  • Lamb steaks with veges or salad
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Chicken stirfry with rice

I must be doing something right as they have actually cleaned their plates  a couple of times!

Sausages have been good lately as not only are they being eaten but with the price of meat the way it is right now, its a cheaper option so keeps the budget under control.  I always make sure they are gluten free but I am on the lookout for a good range of sausages that are organic and without fillers.  Ingredients such as hydrolized vegetable protein is usually soy or corn based and although I haven’t eliminated these things (yet), I do prefer to avoid them as they will be eliminated in time.  Maybe I’ll just end up making my own …. or is that just another reason (aka excuse) to get a Kitchenaid mixer?

Breakfast for me has been an egg on GF toast or rice porridge with coconut milk.  Our eldest son is loving Freedom Foods Maple Crunch cereal.  He’s decided that he doesn’t want rice or almond milk so he has it dry.  We’ve been snacking on apples, rice cakes, rice crackers, potato crisps, more dry cereal and salami ‘twiggy’ sticks.

I’ve also had some success with baking, but thats for another post.

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GFDF Cooking – Lesson Number One

Cadainian Via Flickr

When I  first realised that we would be going GFDF and then probably soy, corn and rice free too, I started researching all the alternatives.  I found so many recipes for gluten free flour blends and I bought almost every different type of gluten free flour out there.  I have a drawer full of buckwheat, potato, rice, arrowroot, tapioca, amaranth, besan (chickpea), nut and sorghum flours and starches.  I felt like my head was about to explode with all the variations.

I had information overload and was paralyzed by the choices which then made me feel like postponing starting our GFDF diets.

Then I had my first revelation.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel

The next day I went and bought packets of premade flour mixes that met our current needs of GFDF.  Fortunately they are also soy free.  Ones that are corn free aswell are not as easy to find.

Some may say that lesson number one would be to read the labels carefully but for me this was a given as I usually did this anyway.  In general I would not buy products where I did not recognise the ingredients and I couldn’t make it at home if I wished.  I needed to realise that I am not the first to do this and won’t be the last.  Use the information that is out there but don’t overwhelm yourself.

So right now I am using premade one to one substitutes while we settle into this new way of life.  I really want to get to the point of making my own mixes and preparing everything from scratch but that is not where I am right now.  I’m not completely happy with the outcomes using the premade mixes but they will do for now.  As our diet progresses and takes its twists and turns or it comes to the point where I can’t find a premade mix to suit, then I’m sure I will have the time, headspace and more knowledge to be able to try out all those recipes I found or even develop my own.

For my own record, I’m going to keep a track of what we are eating in here.  I hope to start developing meal plans to share including baking for the week too.

Last nights dinner was pork scotch steak with peas, corn, potato and cabbage.

Tonight so far I have some pork sausages out which will probably be teamed with vegetables much like last night.

The boys are getting into Bubble Guppies and are learning about Smores so I we have made marshmallows and graham crackers.  They liked them but I think they prefer the yoyo biscuits I’ve also made this week.  I’ll be back with the recipes later.

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