Moving Goal Posts

Well not moving goal posts as the goal is always the same – to make our son healthy.  Its more that the rules of the game have changed.

I had been thinking that I’d finally gotten my head around the GFDFCFSF diet and we had started reducing fructose after reading the book Sweet Poison.  My husband is now fructose free and I’m almost fructose free – its harder when already dairy free which my husband is not. He has lost about 8kg in a month with this small change.

So when our Biomed doctor said that she thought our son had candida in his gut, going fructose free wasn’t that daunting.  Then I realised that an anti candida diet is much more than just fructose free.  This is when I thought my head was going to explode.

All the basics I had come to rely on were to be removed -rice, rice flour, rice milk, rice puffs, potato, potato starch, dextrose, raw cane sugar, honey, let alone his apples and bananas.   Add to that that he isn’t allowed to take nuts to Kinder due to a child with anaphylaxis in his class, so that rules out another food category for baking treats.  Not that we have many treats at all but I like to have something that he can have when birthday treats are taken to Kinder. Fortunately he does like savoury over sweet most times anyway. After some more research, I believe brown rice is ok as it actually helps detoxify and remove the dying candida from the system.

Today I am much more at peace with it. He loves chicknuts (roasted chickpeas), so I am going to work from there and next year his school allows nuts so YAY! Even if rice and its derivatives isn’t OK, we can go over to nutmilks, coconut flour and nut flours.  I’m unsure about quinoa and other seeds as yet.

Breakfast stumped me for a while until I remembered he loves bacon.  I got him to eat some omlette today too, so I think cooked breakfasts are going to be the go.  The only thing I’m sad about is that getting his own breakfast of cereal has been his big independence leap. I can see lunches being sausages and salads and then back to the classic meat and vege dinners of our parents generation.

We will get there.


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