B12 shots – Not so scary after all! Ok, maybe a little bit

We have started the next stage in our protocols – B12 injections.  Most use methyl B12, but the organic acid urine test (OAT) returned markers which pointed to s-adenysol B12 being the better option for our son.

B12 is not a cure all.  Dr James Neubrander pioneered this therapy and describes its effects below:

 It is important to understand that the effects of Methyl-B12 are due to what Methyl-B12 allows to happen in the brain and not because it “makes speech”, “makes awareness”, or “makes socialization”. If I put earmuffs and a blindfold on you and drop you by parachute deep into the heart of Africa, once you land and are found by the natives, you will not understand the language. If you continue to wear the earmuffs and blindfold, because you cannot lip-read or hear the language being spoken, you will remain in the dark. However, once your remove the earmuffs and blindfold, though you still do not know the language, you will now have the same advantage every other baby born into their society has. You will have the opportunity to begin to lip-read. You will have the opportunity to hear the language spoken. You will have theopportunity to first understand receptive language. And eventually your tribesmen will have the opportunity to hear you express yourself to them! Removing the earmuffs and blindfold did not increase your intelligence nor did it add any new brain cells. What it did was now allow your brain to begin to absorb information, store information, utilize information, process information, and respond appropriately to the situations at hand.

So it is with children taking Methyl-B12; they seem to blossom over time. Everything kicks in and starts working; therapists are amazed!….. What has happened is Methyl-B12 has taken off the earmuffs and blindfold that have been blocking the children’s brains from utilizing the neurons and brain cells that were already in place but that were just waiting for the right circumstances to occur. The addition of Methyl-B12 allows the conditions to be right! However, Methyl-B12 is not what does it, is not what makes the child learn, is not what brings the child back. Instead, it is ABA, OT, PT, speech therapy, and all the other forms of therapy that finalizes the deal and gives the child back to his parents and to the world. However, without Methyl-B12 leveling the playing field, children on the spectrum would never be able to realize the advantage that unaffected children enjoy in a learning environment! And so it is – Methyl-B12 the gloves , therapies the hands!


I was really confident in administering these shots.  Although I’d never given shots before, I was always the one to take our kids for vaccines (when they were getting them), blood tests and even circumcision.

They are injected every 3 days, subcutaneously in the bottom.  On Thursday night , the 14th July 2011, we waited until our son was asleep then applied Emla (anaesthetic) cream.  After 30-45 minutes, we went in to do the injection.  I suppose the first sign it wasn’t going to work was that I couldn’t identify exactly where I’d put the cream.  The piece of plastic bag I’d put put over the site had come off and probably half the cream too. I got the needle in but our son cried out so he obviously felt it.  I pulled the needle out before injecting even though it was only a tiny amount of solution.  Then as my husband picked him up to move him to his bed (he loves to go to sleep in Mummy and Daddy’s bed) , I thought I’d try again.  As soon as the needle touched his skin he cried out again, then when my husband pulled his sheet up on him, he flinched and cried out “No, No!”  As one of the parents says on Dr Neubranders site says ” No child should have monsters in the night”, so we decided we had to do it when he was awake.

The next day (Friday the 15th July 2011) we told our son that there was a new medicine that we had to put on in this cream and piece of plastic.  We applied the cream and a dot of marker pen to remind us where the cream was. One hour and lots of reminders for him not to rub it later, we told him we that we just had to take the plastic off.  Again he bent over my husbands knee, the same as he did to apply the cream.  I had the syringe uncapped and at room temperature so as I removed the plastic covering the cream, I quickly injected the s-adenysol B12.  The actual volume of the shot is 0.044mL so its only a tiny amount so it can be injected quickly.  It was done and he didn’t feel it. YAY!  We also didn’t feel like we were being dishonest to him either by doing things to him in his sleep.

We didn’t get pink wees the next day, so I must have injected at a shallow enough angle too.

We have done 5 injections now.  The emla cream still stings him and I’m considering doing it without the cream as he complains of the stinging for about 5 minutes. If I just did the injection then it may still sting but it would be all over and done with.


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