5 Orange Tic Tacs

That is all it has taken to teach our son to swallow capsules.

Previously I’d been opening up his capsules and mixing them with juice or fruit puree.  Lately our son had started gagging at the sight of these mixes and to be honest, they did taste terrible.  I’m very proud that he has taken his supplements in this way for so long.

A couple of times I’d tried to teach him to swallow capsules by using the empty shells of the capsules we had.  This never worked though as they collapsed in his mouth and he ended up chewing them.  Also now that I put some more thought into it, an empty capsule wouldn’t have been easy to wash down with water as it would float.

This morning I did a little googling and came across the Tic Tac method.  Basically you find something small that if they do chew it or it melts in their mouth that it won’t taste terrible – or waste or improperly dose supplements.  Although containing maltodextrin which can be wheat or corn derived, it is processed down so far that no proteins are left to cause a reaction.  I decided to use Tic Tacs in spite of the risk of corn or wheat for the longer term goal of ensuring that he will continue to take his supplements.

I’d spoken to our son about how if he could swallow capsules then he wouldn’t taste the supplements. So tonight we had a glass of water and a straw (apparently they concentrate on the straw and not the capsule) and our tic tacs.  He had a suck of water, I popped the tic tac in his mouth and after a bit of movement around the mouth, it went down! And then the next 4 – one even without a drink! Next he said he wanted to take his capsules and he took the smaller 2 straight down. I’m so proud of our boy.  He is only 5 1/2 and he has mastered the art of capsule swallowing which is hard for many adults.

Now we will wait a while and really get this down pat then work up to the larger capsules. I’m sure this little step will make this whole journey much easier.

ETA – Ok, today wasnt’ as successful but we will keep trying


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