Word-isms…So I don’t forget

Although I write about our eldest son a lot on here, he has a little brother (who is small and very silly) and about to turn 4 next month.  Maybe its because he has accompanied us to most speech therapy sessions, that he has outstanding language skills for his age but his pronunciation of some words gives us a giggle.  This is all new to us as our eldest has always been a boy of few words.

I want to record his little word-isms otherwise I know I will forget them.

bompy = bumpy
demember = remember
destructions = instructions
pin-yano = piano
Cee-um-bee-bies = CBeebies (BBC TV for Kids channel)
Loo – lis = Lewis
de-chine = machine
alligator = elevator
cane-0 = volcano
mergency = emergency
dalarm = alarm

I’m sure there are so many more.

Kids grow up and change so quickly. I need to remind myself to stop and just be with them rather than be doing the things that I might feel ‘need’ to be done.  The constant requests for a hug from the little brother (who compared to his older brother is very demanding) may interrupt me but it can never go unanswered because this time is fleeting.  You never know when the hug request that you turn down might be the last one.

Both boys have been sick over the last week.  Is it bad to think that in some way that it is nice as  even though they are growing up, they still need you and a cuddle on your lap makes them feel so much better?

I don’t know how people do it, but I hope my boys grow into those teenagers and young adults who are still happy to spend time with their parents – even in public! Shock and horror.

I wonder though, is that how re raise our children or growth we need to make as parents to grow with our children which makes us the type of person our children want to be with? I’m not saying be our children’s best friend – we still need to be the parent – but we need to be able to relate to them.  Food for thought anyway.


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