Some detective work required

We had a wonderful (but exhausting) holiday and are now trying to relax a little before the routine of school starts again next week.

Whilst on holidays we started a new supplement of Carnitine and CoQ10.  We have to build up to 4 capsules a day – 2 each morning and afternoon. The first day we introduced it, I tried mixing it into a chocolate crackle but it tasted terrible.  The compound tastes very tart like Vitamin C. The next day I mixed with his other supplements, which get mixed with a little apple juice, which gets taken after dinner, just before bed.  For some reason, he really didn’t want to take it but I convinced him to.  As soon as he swallowed the last mouthful, up it all came again, a long with everything he had eaten for the day.  We thought he mustn’t have been feeling well as he didn’t want to take any supplements. After a shower, new pj’s and new bedding, he slept the night through with no more worries.  The next morning when he woke, his eyes looked like this:

The force of vomiting must have burst tiny capillaries around his eyes. They took about 2 days to clear.

Seeing as we needed to build up to morning and night, I gave the next few doses in the morning mixed with a little orange juice.  We found putting it onto a spoon and spooning it straight into the back of his mouth the best way.  He had no more reactions to it so I introduced it at night time aswell.  I mixed it separately but gave it to him at the same time as his other supplements, after dinner.  A few hours later, he vomited in his sleep.  We put it down to increasing the dosage so we dropped the dosage back down to 1 per day on and empty stomach.

We didn’t put together what was really happening for a few more days.  One night we were going our for dinner, I decided to give him all his supplements before we went out so I didn’t have to worry about giving them once we got home. At the same time that I was giving the carnitine/CoQ10, I gave the other supplements.  An hour or so later, he vomited again whilst playing.  It was then that it clicked.  He was only ever sick with it when he had it in combination with other supplements.  I don’t know which ones are interacting but something obviously is.

We are still to build up the dosage but at least we know now that it needs to be given separately to all other supplements.

There may be a bit of a flurry of posts this week.  Whilst on holidays I had time to think about what I want to write and I know I’ve missed  pre and post appointment blogs for last month.  We have our next appointment next week too!


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