Cupcake by Jillian Nicole via Flickr

They look innocent don’t they?

Yesterday our son was accidentally given one of the birthday treats brought in to his Kinder.  He has substitute treats in the pantry at Kinder for him to have on days like today, but he was accidentally served up a cupcake.

I suppose it had to happen one day but it is still disappointing.  We put in all this hard work only to have the rug pulled from underneath us by someone else’s mistake.  Our son is usually very good and will ask if something is safe for him, but today he didn’t and ate it all by the time they realised their mistake.

He hasn’t reacted too badly fortunately. He is puffy around his eyes, sing song-y in his self entertainment when bored at the doctors and less responsive when we speak to him.  He was still able to take me through the whole “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” story that he laid out around our house. It was lovely to see things that he is doing at Kinder sinking in and him being able to process it and retell it in his own way complete with 3 different sized bowls on the table and 3 different sized chairs.

We had a doctors appointment today which as always was very enlightening.  Hopefully I’ll be back with a pre appointment and post appointment updates before we go on holidays on Friday.


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