It’s the little things.

[A short little post to keep you going whilst I remember to take pictures of my cooking attempts]

It was playgroup morning this morning.  Our playgroup has a rotating morning tea schedule so we hadn’t been for a couple of weeks. Between life getting in the way, I decided to let our son settle into his new diet before putting him in tempting situations.

I’m so very very proud of him. He will ask if things have wheat or gluten or milk in them and if they do or we aren’t sure, he will find something else to eat that is safe for him. No complaints.  Ok, the occasional downturned face but never a tantrum or trying to sneak food.  He is really embracing it.  He knows that it is making him feel better.

To top off this morning, another parent commented how far our son had come.  Between ours and their absences, it would have been about a month or more since he had seen our son. He said he had really changed and come a long way in such a short period of time.

Its moments like these that really tell me we are doing the right thing.  There is no way he would have made such huge strides without biomedical intervention.  Now I can’t wait for our appointment on Friday to see what the Dr has in store for us next.


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  1. MariaL

    That is wonderful to hear!

    Maybe one day you can do a post detailing the changes you (and others) hae noticed!

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